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Thank you for playing "The Red Queen of Oz" turn-based game prototype! Be sure to provide your feedback when you're finished!

How to play:

1) Your “good” characters are on the left, bad characters are on the right.
2) At the top of the screen you’ll see a portrait for each character, the picture furthest left is who’s turn it currently is, followed by the order of next turns.
3) When it’s your turn, a character will be highlighted and you’ll have 2 attack options in the bottom middle of the screen. Mouse-over the buttons to read what the attacks do.
4) Single attacks attack one enemy, group attacks attack all enemies, heal can heal one of your team.
5) Once you’ve chosen your attack, select the enemy you want to attack. If you chose heal, select your teammate to heal.
6) At the bottom of the page you’ll see everyone’s name and life bars. The objective is to get the enemies life bars to 0 to win.
7) Enemies will fade out when defeated.

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